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Mobile Casino Canada – Revolutionizing Online Gambling

Ever since technological advancements saw the gambling industry go online, there have been new developments at a very rapid pace. After the online casino – first the download casino and then the instant play Flash casino – the next big thing to take the online gambling world by storm is the mobile online casino, also commonly referred to as the mobile casino.

A mobile casino is essentially a gambling platform that allows a player to play online gambling games directly from a handheld device: the mobile phone. What a mobile online casino offers players is the chance to play their favourite online casino games anytime, anywhere. You can access a mobile online casino from any place; all you need is a strong signal. Today, mobile casinos are available for various jurisdictions. Players from Canada can be part of the mobile Canadian casino action thanks to the availability of mobile casinos based in Canada and accepting Canadian players.

More about the Mobile Online Casino

Mobile casinos are essentially like the standard online casinos in terms of look and feel and features. However, these are usually lighter than the usual online casinos and have lesser number of games. The quality of the games available is, however, unquestionable.

There are mobile online casino games for smartphones – Android phones, the iPhone, the iPad, and others – as well as for generic mobile phones. In the beginning, when the concept of mobile casinos was still nascent, players could download only specific games individually to their mobile phones. Today, with the upgrades in technology, players can log in and download clusters of games in bundles.

If a player is already registered with an online casino that has a mobile version available, all he needs to do is download the mobile casino software to his phone and start playing. Otherwise, he needs to find a mobile casino, register with it by opening an account, and then deposit money into his account to start playing.

Mobile Online Casino Providers

There are not too many online gaming software development companies providing mobile casino software. The standard platform that most mobile casino software is developed on is Java, which is supported by most phones today.

One of the first companies to work on mobile online casino gaming was Microgaming, which has a name as one of the best online gaming software developers worldwide. Their GameWire platform offered mobile online casino gaming to players. Now, they have taken it to the next level with Microgaming Quickfire, which enables more than 150 of their online casino games (table games and slots) on the mobile phone across various platforms.

Most Favourite Card Games in Canada

Casino Card Games

Card games are among the most popular games at any casino – land-based or online. As online casinos have grown in accessibility and popularity, cards games have grown in popularity as well. Among some of the most favorite card games in Canada are blackjack and poker. These games are available at any online casino and the top online casinos will offer a range of different variations of each of the games. Poker games are also available at online poker rooms.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a firm favorite in terms of card games. The game has rules that are simple to learn, but a strategy that is important if you want to reduce the house edge and win. This means that the game can be enjoyed by all online casino players, while still offering a challenge to those who play with skill. Canadian casino players enjoy blackjack and can be sure to find a range of blackjack games at their favorite online Canadian casino.

Online Poker

Online poker is another popular online card game that is enjoyed by Canadian players. There are many variations of poker that are available, each of which require skill and strategy. Online poker sites offer a range of games with the most popular variations including Texas hold’em, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, seven card stud, seven card stud hi/lo, five card draw, five card stud, mixed variations such as H.O.R.S.E and many others. Online casinos also offer a range of poker variations in their card games suites and these may include three card poker, Caribbean poker, pai gow poker and others. Regardless of the variation of online poker you enjoy playing, as a Canadian player you are sure to be able to find your game of choice at a number of Canadian-focused online poker rooms or online casinos.

Offline Gaming in Canada

Land Based Casinos in Canada

When most people think of casino gaming, the cities that come to mind are Las Vegas, Atlantic City, maybe Lake Tahoe or one of the big European casino hubs. But Canada deserves a place among the great casino gaming venues. Canada’s sheer size and the variety of casino experiences to be had mean Canada offers a gaming product unlike any other. From smaller casinos in British Columbia to the many giant casino properties in the Niagara Falls region, there are a huge variety of casino experiences to be had in Canada.

Gaming in one’s home country has great advantages – shorter travel time, your own currency being used and people that talk your language and understand your culture. Canadian gaming is the way to go.

Here is a short list of the largest, the best-known, and the most popular casino properties in Canada. Take a look at the list—from the exclusively French-speaking and beautiful Casino de Montreal to the remote casino gaming experience in Saskatchewan, there is no other country in the world with a more diverse roster of gaming adventures.

Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The largest casino in Nova Scotia, Casino Nova Scotia is open 24 hours a day. Featuring four restaurants and one of the largest slot machine rooms in the nation, Casino Nova Scotia accepts a wide range of currencies.

Casino de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec

French is the language spoken here, but with cold hard cash on the line, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Casino de Montreal is one of the largest casino properties in all of North America. Poker players love the wide variety of games played in Casino de Montreal’s large poker room.

Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario

Outside of Casino de Montreal, Caesars Windsor has no Canadian competition in terms of size and game variety. A stone’s throw from the United States, Caesars Windsor caters to players from all over the world, with a currency exchange right on the gaming floor.

Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ten restaurants and bars and well over 3,000 games available makes Casino Niagara a can’t-miss gaming Mecca for casino enthusiasts from both sides of the Canadian border.

Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba

What Club Regent Casino lacks in restaurants and other amenities it more than makes up for in game variety. Gamblers can choose from nearly 2,000 slot machines or head over to the poker room where any number of poker games are played regularly.

Casino Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan

Casino Regina is a slot player’s paradise, but don’t expect much in the way of casino game variety. A surprisingly large poker room is tucked in behind the banks of slots, a hidden gem for Canadian poker gamblers.

Cash Casino in Calgary, Alberta

Yet another little-known poker room sits in the very middle of Cash Casino, with nearly a dozen poker tables operating 24 hours a day. The three restaurants and bars at Cash Casino makes it a great place to unwind.

Casino Yellowhead in Edmonton, Alberta

A twenty-four hour poker room makes Casino Yellowhead a favorite stop for Canadian poker junkies.

McPhillips Street Station Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba

This laid-back casual dress casino is the crown jewel of the Manitoba gaming scene. Over 2,000 video poker and slot machines almost make you forget that the McPhillips Street poker room is practically non-existent.

Casino of the Rockies in Cranbrook, British Columbia

The largest casino in British Columbia, Casino of the Rockies is most famous for its naturally beautiful setting. Don’t expect much more than an 18 hole golf course and a few banks of slots, but as casino gaming in BC goes, Casino of the Rockies is the cream of the crop.

Online Canadian Casinos With Blackjack

Blackjack Online Casinos

As a Canadian blackjack casino player, it is worthwhile to find online Canadian casinos with blackjack. There are many online casinos that cater specifically to Canadian players and all online casinos today offer blackjack, but it is important to find a combination that offers a top quality gaming experience, combined with security and reliability. Many of these casinos offer multiple variations of blackjack games which is ideal for blackjack fans. Also look out for casinos that offer specific blackjack bonuses and blackjack tournaments which result in a complete blackjack gaming experience.

Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack bonuses are bonuses that can be used to play blackjack games. Not all bonuses at an online casino can be used for blackjack games and blackjack bonuses are a great find for blackjack players. These may be welcome bonuses that allow play on blackjack games to count towards the bonus wagering requirements or they may be specific bonuses or promotions for blackjack.

Blackjack Tournaments

The best online casino options for Canadian blackjack players will run regular blackjack tournaments. These offer fun and exciting ways for blackjack players to show their skill and win great cash prizes. Some online casinos run regular blackjack tournaments.

The Best Online Blackjack Casinos for Canadiands

If you are looking for online casino blackjack games, the best online casinos offer a reliable and secure gaming environment with top quality software features. There should be a comprehensive suite of games to choose from with a large range of blackjack games. Customer service should support Canadian players with their hours of availability and contact options. In addition, there should bonuses and promotions that are suitable for blackjack play and blackjack tournaments that are run on a regular basis. As a Canadian casino player you should be able to find multiple options for online blackjack gaming.

Best Online Casinos for Canadians

Find the Best Online Casino for You

The best online casino for Canadians are, naturally, online casinos that are Canadian-friendly. What does it mean for an online casino to be Canadian-friendly? The answer is short and sweet: local customer support, support for Canadian currency, and a reliable casino product that Canadian gamblers can trust.

Online Casinos with Local Canadian Customer Support

It is difficult to enjoy your time at an online casino (or trust that the casino has your best interest in mind) when you try to contact customer service only to find that their call center is located nowhere near Canada. The best online casino choices for Canadians not only offer customer support in English (a few online casinos even advertise Canadian English as a language option) but have customer support personnel located in-country.

Online Casinos that Accepts Canadian Dollars

Just because our neighbors to the south don’t realize that we have our own dollar doesn’t mean we should expect to have to gamble online in Pounds sterling, Euros, or American dollars. There are plenty of online casinos that support the Canadian dollar, even offering money transfers in our nation’s own currency. For a Canadian gambler, playing at an online casino that doesn’t utilize the Canadian dollar is asking for trouble: currency exchange fees can eat away at your gambling profits.

Reliable Online Casinos for Canadian Gamblers

Naturally, you don’t want to do business with an online casino that doesn’t offer a reliable service. If you try to sign in to your casino of choice only to be faced with a downtime or server error message, you’ve just lost out on a play opportunity. Online gambling’s whole appeal is convenience, and a big part of convenience is being able to play the games you want to play when you want to play them. Finding a reliable casino is as big a part of enjoying the online gaming experience as finding one that lets you play in your native currency.

Looking for a Canadian-friendly online casino? Here is a short list of casinos that fit the bill. These are some of the best online casinos for online gamblers living in Canada:

The Casinos Industry in Canada

The Canadian Casino industry is a thriving market, although it has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years.

Because of brick and mortar casinos banning smoking, the recession, and high gas prices, many gambling enthusiasts now prefer to play online Canada casino offerings.

This trend is not only applicable to the Canadian casino industry but is a worldwide phenomenon. Online casinos can offer players higher payouts because they have much less overhead costs: they don’t have to rent a large building and pay hundreds of employees and security men to be on duty twenty four hours a day.

It is not exactly clear whether online gambling is legal in Canada but this is not stopping casino players from choosing this as their preferred way of gambling. Canadian authorities are still working on regulating the Canadian casino industry, especially when it comes to online casinos.

The Canadian Gaming Association is positive that gaming in Canada will grow and offer new opportunities. There are lots of new opportunities in terms of game development and technology that offers better games. Also, there are provincial elections coming up and politicians might still loosen their grip on online gambling. There is still a big difference between the Canadian Casino and the US Casino gaming models and the two countries have different rules in terms of regulating.

Another area in which Canada casino games are showing growth is in the mobile market. More people are choosing to play casino games on their hand held devices and iPads. This makes it even more convenient for Canadian players to play any game they want at any given time.

The Canadian media is still attracting attention to the Canada casino industry but unfortunately a lot of the media is focused on the negative aspects of the industry. They focus more on the aspects of addiction and time spent on online games at work than also looking at the other side of the coin. The Canadian Casino industry has a lot of positives to add to the country, including job creation, social responsibility, ad generation and the opportunity to create a lot of tax revenue for the government, should it be legalized.

Canadian Gambling Operators Indicted by US Authorities

Calvin Ayre, the founder of the Bodog gambling brand, as well as three other Canadian men, were indicted by the a federal grand jury for running what the authorities call “illegal sports gambling” and “conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

Rod. J Rosenstein, the US attorney for the District Maryland said in a statement this week: “Sports betting is illegal in Maryland, and federal law prohibits bookmakers from flouting that law simply because they are located outside the country of the harms that underlie gambling prohibitions are exacerbated when the enterprises operate over the Internet with-out regulation.”

The indictments indicate that at least two US payment processors were used to pay out millions of dollars to local players in winnings, with money sent by wire or check from outside the country.

Ayre and the other men, however, are not in the United States and according to the US authorities, it is presumed that he is based in Canada.

This week, it was reported that the authorities also seized the domain which is no longer in operation. Other versions of the domain, in other countries outside the United States, including Canada, continue to operate unhindered.

Calvin Ayre, reacting to news that the federal government has indicted him and his colleagues, slammed the US authorities, saying that the online gambling industry is legal under international law. He also stressed that the indictments would not stop his business interests around the world, which serve players on multiple platforms.

Canadian Gambling Laws Remain Murky

An article which ran in the Vancouver Sun last week highlighted the fact that the law in Canada surrounding online gambling remains murky. The newspaper asked, in light of the American authorities’ crackdown against foreign operators of online gambling sites, why Canadian authorities have not done the same.

The article points out that despite the fact that there are an estimated 2,000 offshore gambling sites accessible in Canada, and millions are spent by Canadian players each year, police do very little to counter the issue, simply because it is not sure whether these sites are breaking Canadian gambling laws.

The issue of online gambling was in the news again this week, when the US authorities indicted the Canadian founder of the Bodog brand, Calvin Ayre, and three of his associates, for running an illegal sports gambling business and conspiring to commit money laundering.  The Canadian authorities, however, have not even mentioned the indictment and their silence is seen as accepting the fact that Canadians are allowed to play at these offshore sites.

The cold letter of the law states that only provincial gambling authorities are allowed to offer online gambling, but the VP of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns said that the authorities don’t pursue offshore operators since “there hasn’t been a huge public outcry.”

“There’s a high level of acceptance of offshore operators in Canada,” he said.

In the meantime, Canadians continue to play at top quality, safe and secure casinos such as and LesACasino, where they enjoy excellent entertainment and payouts.